Wednesday: Folk Jam

Billy Watkins and friends will be jamming in their obscure yet spirited way tonight. It’s Wednesday! Humpday. Onsdag. Wodensdag. Mittwoch. Et cetera.

And each midweek a number of our musician friends gather informally and without a mic. They’ll plunk down up front near the window (where it’s chilliest I suppose–ha!) and let the Muse guide them chord to chord and note to note. You may hear guitars, fiddles, bohdrans, and so forth. You may own one of those instruments, and, if so, bring it and join in. Hey: We’re jamming, man. It’s a good time.

Get yourself a pint!


* The first regular-season NFL game to be played outside the US will take place this weekend in London. And to promote the match of the uninspiring New York Giants versus the god-awful and winless Miami Dolphins, a hideous 26-foot-tall, animatronic statue of defensive lineman Jason Taylor has been installed. Alright.

* Beer to cattle feed: English brewer Greene King is to build an ale-recovery facility. Neat.

* A bowler hat-sized rock from Orkney was launched into space as part of an investigation into the possible origins of life on Earth.

* And in a world gone mad, a ragtag bunch of heroes in North Yorkshire have risen to save a public toilet.

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