Bedlam Tuesday!

Midweek with a chill, but Bedlam will warm you right up!

John Sjorgren and crew will be in the pub tonight circa 9 pm to provide the Irish and Scottish folk, a bit of jamming, and plenty of good cheer.

The Merlins Rest 10K

What are you running from? and for? I’m not referring to that sort of 10K. I’m talking about 10,000+ visitors to this website since we launched it in mid-April. That ain’t bad for pub, not one bit. So thank you friends for all the comments you leave on the site, for sending along photographs, for sharing your stories and energy. We appreciate you!

 Save the Date!

* Saturday & Sunday, October 27 & 28 – Brunch at Merlins Rest, 9:00 am – 2 pm.

* Tuesday, October 30 – Chulrua – The traditional Irish band, Chulrua, will be in the pub for an evening performance.

* Wednesday, October 31 – Samhain Celebration! – Samhain (”November” or “for the feast” depending on whether you’re coming from Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic) is the Celtic New Year. This year it lands on Wednesday–the night on which we routinely hold the Old Molly’s Folk Jam with our boy Billy Watkins. Add to Samhain and the Jam the annual Halloween fun and you’ve got one hell of a night. Join us!

* Thursday, November 1 – Single-Malt Tasting with Fiona! – Join us for an outstanding evening of fun and spirited spirits. Our tasting master Fiona will lead us through 4 or 5 of our finest single-malts scotches. $25 flat fee to participate, but it’ll be free to listen to the wonderful sounds of the Mosher Ekstrand Experiment, one of the Cities’ most impressive jazz outfits. Join us!

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