Friday: Kilts, Celts, and Smelling the Coffee

Let’s just start this entry off by thanking all of you for your good thoughts, your toasts, your energy. We’re having an absolute blast with the pub. And we’ll keep it rolling tonight.

It’s Friday! Lovely. Join us in your kilt or simply have a smile at our expense. With the open of the weekend we like to start things right by being as Celtic as we can this side of the Isles. The tartans will be on display, the Celtic musicians will be in the pub, the taps will be flowing.

And we’re really excited to be so close to our first breakfast/brunch service! That starts tomorrow morning at 9.

For those who have asked if they might celebrate their first Irish breakfast at Merlins Rest with a mid-morning Guinness, certainly. But don’t wait until Saturday! Have a celebratory pint on Friday evening with us.

And remember: Saturdays and Sundays each week, 9 am – 2 pm, breakfast at Merlins Rest!

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