Thursdays: Birds & Dinosaurs

It’s a zoo here, and I’m no longer talking just about Dingley and Watkins! We’ve got birding and…Dinosauring?…for you this evening, Thursday, October 18:

6 PM – The Birds & the Beers. Our good friend Sharon Stiteler, aka the Birdchick, is calling all birders! They’ll gather to discuss this fascinating matter, make a few new friends, and all in all just keep touch. Really fine group. Pop in and join them. It’s free, informal and open to new members. And if you’ve got an interesting in beekeeping, hey: ask Sharon about that! She’s written loads of interesting stories at her website about beekeeping too. Maybe we’ll one day host the Beers and the Bees?

After 9 – Dino & the Dinosaurs will provide their brand of glorious blues. Fine stuff and worth a listen. It’s the sort of blues that lifts you out of them and leaves you feeling good.


Saturday, October 20 & Sunday, October 21 – OUR FIRST BREAKFAST SERVICES! We’ll be serving weekend breakfast regularly starting October 20 and 21. Traditional Irish and English fare plus some American standards and a few specialties of our own. Served from 9 am – 2 pm.

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