Monday’s on the Mic

The Open Mic is tonight! Join Harrison Matthews as he leads the Merlins Rest Open Mic night. Bring your guitar, your singing voice, your accordian; your poems, your stories, your novel chapters; etc. It’s your mic! Say it, sing it, share it, friends. We’ll see you there.


In addition to our regular fun this week, we have some other highlights, including the arrival of weekend breakfast at Merlins Rest. And if your group is gathering and you’d like to extend the invitation to others, let us know and we’ll put out the word.

Wednesday, October 17 – Druid’s Grove, 7-9 PMThe Druids Grove will hold its monthly gathering. If you’ve an interest in the spiritual path of Druidry, by all means stop up and meet this group. All are welcomed.

Thursday, October 18 – The Birds & the Beers, 6 PM – Our good friend Sharon Stiteler, aka the Birdchick, is calling all birders! They’ll gather to discuss this fascinating matter, make a few new friends, and all in all just keep touch. Really fine group. Pop in and join them. It’s free, informal and open to new members.

Saturday, October 20 & Sunday, October 21 – OUR FIRST BREAKFAST SERVICES! We’ll be serving weekend breakfast regularly starting October 20 and 21. Traditional Irish and English fare plus some American standards and a few specialties of our own. Served from 9 am – 2 pm. Mmmm.

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