Bedlam Tuesday, Mesabi and Bubblejack

So there we were….It’s Tuesday! Bring it. Here come the boys of Bedlam and it’s going to be grand. Their weekly gig here in the pub is loaded with fun. Celtic folk and whisky savvy, and the occasional special guest. So pop in and see Sjogren and friends.


We’ve got a couple new beers on tap: Lake Superior Mesabi Red Ale and Rush River’s Bubblejack (an India Pale Ale). Actually, I may be jumping the gun. Bubblejack is nigh! Ask the bartender if it’s been delivered yet.


A number of small groups gather at Merlins Rest for meetings, birthdays, and so forth. If you have a gathering and would like us to announce it–for example, we’ve previously announced the Birds & the Beers–please give a shout. And, of course, we have other special events, such as touring bands. A few upcoming special notes:

Wednesday, October 17 – Druid’s Grove, 7-9 PMThe Druids Grove will hold its monthly gathering. If you’ve an interest in the spiritual path of Druidry, by all means stop up and meet this group. All are welcomed.

Tuesday, October 30 – Chulrua – The traditional Irish band, Chulrua, will be in the pub on Tuesday, October 30.

Saturday, November 10 – IMDA, 4 – 6 PM – The Irish Music & Dance Association will hold a meeting at Merlins Rest. If you’d like to know more about this organization, please visit their website or stop up and ask some of their key members about the group after they get a respectable amount of business accomplished.


* I quote John Cleeese: “She turned me into a newt! …I got better.” The English are spending almost $150,000 to relocate a colony of newts ahead of the 2012 Olympics.

* It’s tough being a mannequin in Northern Ireland. They’re more popular than Brad Pitt!

* How much is a distillery worth? Moray is set to get the first mainland distillery in Scotland in the last 30 years…and at a hefty price. Council planners are pushing to approve an $80 million plan.

* And for those of you who have ever been lost navigating Saint Paul’s streets, this sign’s for you. It’s just a few blocks from me.

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