Monday: Of Microphones & Mash

Happy days! After a fine quiz evening and plenty of Scottish fun this past weekend, we start off the new week feeling creative. It’s the Open Mic! Join Harrison Matthews as he leads the Merlins Rest Open Mic Night. Bring your guitar, your singing voice, your accordian; your poems, your stories, your novel chapters; etc. It’s your mic! Things begin around 8:00/8:30.


We aren’t kidding, good people:

* Breakfast service on the weekends here will begin October 20 & 21. Traditional English breakfast plus standard American fare. More about the menu soon.

* The lunch / dinner menu will get a little lift too. You’ll soon find bangers and mash, sausage sandwices, chicken burgers (with real chicken breast, hey), and a BLT with our new Isles-style bacon. Lovely.

Please ask your server about availability if you don’t see them on the menu yet. You might also do this now with pasties. Mmmm.

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