Sunday: SAS at 1 pm and Sunday Pub Quiz (8 pm)

Though it was a bit steamier this morning than the runners wanted, it was a lovely day on which to run the annual Twin Cities Marathon–probably the most picturesque of the nation’s marathons each year. The fall leaves drifting down, the run along the river; it’s a moment they get to experience what we know well.

Hey there, friends. It’s Sunday! While many dread the weekend’s conclusion, we sally forth and warm-up for the week right smart. Today we’ve got two events:

* The St. Andrew’s Society of Minnesota will open our doors earlier than usual, and we’re happy to accommodate. The Society is an outstanding (and oft-kilted) group with charitable, educational and social activities that promote Scottish heritage and culture. Join ‘em between 1 and 5 PM for darts, cribbage, trivia, fellowship and more. Come meet our friends in SAS and get involved.

* Our Sunday Pub Quiz. Bring your friends or make some new ones. Twenty-five questions, teams of up to four, and our very own Welsh torture-master, John Dingley calling the night. Also: Sam Fiske will provide jazz 30 minutes before and after the quiz. It’s a Sam sandwich! Happy days!

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