Saturday is Hot, Breakfast News, & Bangers

What’s with this Indian summer? It’s October and we’re cresting 80 today. The trees are turning colors inconsistently and dropping green leaves during showers. Well, if it’s a sign of the world ending, we can at least enjoy some fine jazz on the way out!

Join us tonight as the Hot Club of East Lake lays down the tunes. Lord those guys are good. Gorgeously played and pairs well with a pint or a single-malt scotch. Pop in, relax.


Exciting news! We’ll soon be serving breakfast on the weekends. Target date: October 20 & 21. We’ll open for weekend breakfast at 9 am. Traditional English fare and standard American offerings. More news about the morning menu soon.


Also coming to the menu: Bangers & Mash!! Thanks to all for your requests. So look for ’em right soon on the menu. Also: We’ll be serving up sausage sandwiches, chicken burgers (with real chicken breast, of course), and a BLT with the new bacon we’ve scored. It’s lovely stuff.

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