THURSDAY: Single-Malt Tasting (7:30) & Jazz

With all the late-summer travel we had a brief respite from our tastings, but tonight they return! It’s the Single-Malt Tasting with Fiona.

Come sample four or five of our best with one of our best. Flat fee ($25), good size pours, and great fun. Join us and share your tasting notes. See our stock on the menu page.

Afterwards, settle in with the rest of the pub-goers for music with Kathy Mosher and Bobby Ekstrand. Tremendous musicians. So it’s single malts and the Mosher Ekstrand Experiment! Lovely. See you tonight!


The St. Andrew’s Society of Minnesota will open our doors earlier than usual on Sunday and we’re happy to accommodate. The Society is an outstanding (and oft kilted) group with charitable, educational and social activities that promote Scottish heritage and culture.

Join ’em between 1 and 5 PM for darts, cribbage, trivia, fellowship and more. Come meet our friends in SAS and get involved.

Regular pub fun, leading up to the Hot Club of East Lake’s jazz session, happens per usual from 4 PM onward.


* Fi-Mail has posted a rather nice comment about the pub and pub blog at StumbleUpon. Thanks for that. We appreciate you!

* And Lina: Wonderful idea to have more pie in the pub! Pub, ice cream and whisky is indeed a lovely combination. I’ll pass along your good words to the kitchen. Thanks!


We’re almost out of Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale, after a good little run, so get it while we’ve still got a few drops left!

Also, we’ve added Lake Superior Mesabi Red Ale and will soon add Rush River’s Bubblejack (and India Pale Ale) when we have room on the tap. Thanks to all who recommend these items.


* An Ohio lawmaker was speaking to a high school civics class when he placed a memory stick in his presentation computer. POOF! Up popped an image of a topless woman. He’d apparently stored numerous blue images on the memory stick along with his lecture’s support materials…yet he claims he doesn’t know how the nude images got there.

* UK scientists are on a mission to impose a China Syndrome on England’s grey squirrel population. Never have so many owed so much to so few, indeed.

* The Lord Mayor of Belfast has had some apologizing to do. He injured a city employee as he tried to leapfrog her…and as she was dressed as a tomato.

* And Asteroid 1994 GT9 has a new identity: 7307 Takei, in honor of George Takei who played Mr. Sulu on the original Star Trek series. I hope all those aboard the USS Nokomis know about this!

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