Wednesday: Old Molly’s and More

It’s Wednesday, Humpday, Woden’s Day–the day on which we gather a team of horses and our six strongest men and lift the massive rock beneath which Bill Watkins hides. (See mighty struggle in photo to the right.) We pound the dust off him, pour a few Guinness in the tank, arm him with musical instruments, and turn him and numerous friends loose for the Old Molly’s Folk Jam.

It’s a weekly tradition here and it goes back years for this informal band. They’ll settle down up front in the bar and provide the evening’s tunes. Great fun to accompany your meal, drink and laughter.

Caught on the Web

* Fishing about online we found the Nod to Nothing blog citing not only World Wide Words–one of our favorite sites–but Merlins Rest! Thanks, Nod.

* And writer Michael Gause left the following comment at the site: “Hey, a good night of music and words. My first time reading there. Great crowd. Many thanks!” (Note: Merlins has an Open Mic every Monday.) Thanks for the good words, Michael…and (1) nice website and (2) congratulations on the latest publication!

Some of Today’s Reads

* Thank god you’re here! Scrooge McDuck has joined Billy Connolly on the list of famous residents of Glasgow.

* Oh, good lord. A 9-lb pot of burning chillies in a Thai restaurant set off fears of a terror attack in London. Just knock it off, now. Really.

* If any actor was going to catch a naked intruder in his home, it would have to be Nicholas Cage. And it was.

* And a Welsh art student who believes her belly button piercing almost killed her during a car accident is on the awareness campaign. Good luck to you, lass!

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