Sunday: It’s a Drink & Think

Alright! Who’s the brains of this operation!? We know it’s not Dingley.

That’s right, it’s Sunday and that means the Sunday Pub Quiz at 8 pm. And that means John Dingley is cackling fiendishly on this raining Sunday morning as he authors 25 tortuous questions on geography, current events, presidential history, Welsh etymology, and so forth.

It’s a grand gathering. Bring your friends or make new ones. Teams of up to four are allowed. And, as Billy Watkins says, there are prizes “beyond the dreams of avarice”!

ALSO: Yer man Sam Fiske will be in the pub to provide jazz about 30 minutes before and after the quiz. So come have a seat and a bite to eat, sit back and enjoy the eve. The pub quiz is a happy event, week after week. We’ll see you there!

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