Thursday: Dino and the Dinosaurs

So the fourth Thursday of every November is Thanksgiving in the United States. Why not make the fourth Thursday of every month a trip to Merlins Rest? Heck, why not every Thursday!?

Tonight we’ve got Dino and the Dinosaurs in the pub. They’re bringing some of the best blues in the Twin Cities, and as you very well know the best blues leaves you not feeling blue but feeling all is right in the world. So pop in for a bite, a bevvy and some grand tunes.


October 4 – 7:30 PM – Single-Malt Scotch Tasting with Fiona! Come sample four or five of our best with one of our best. Flat fee ($25), good size pours, and great fun. Join us and share your tasting notes. See our stock on the menu page. MUSIC: Kathy Mosher will provide the music afterwards. She’s righteously skilled, so don’t miss it. Whisky and the Mosher Exstrand Experiment!


* A 17.5-lb baby in Siberia! Well, one hopes all that baby fat keeps the kid warm.
* Cornwall’s fictitious beach.

* Man bites dog? That’s not even substantial! Nope, this man bit a horse…to stop a stampede.

*  And all you fowl can now sleep. After two decades of terror, a duck-eating turtle has been apprehended in Wales.

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