Wednesday: Old Molly’s Folk Jam

Strange how one suddenly realizes that one is driving to work in darkness again! But that’s how these seasons happen.

What else is strange? Bill Watkins. But not to worry! It’s Wednesday, and Bill Watkins and friends are doing their weekly by breaking out the defib pads on the Old Molly’s Folk Jam! It’s a misnomer, though, to break out the defib pads on something so regular here in the pub, but it does date back years and is pretty much a singular event in local pub culture. Musician friends gathering informally in the pub to have a pint (or four) together and play some tunes. No microphones. No amps. Just some regulars sitting at a regular table providing foot-tapping tunes you’ll recognize and probably even add your voice to.

It’s a wonderful evening. We’ll see you soon!


* Our friend Eileen Dahill runs a wonderful Irish dance academy. Here are some lovely pictures of the Saint Paul Irish Dancers at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

* For those who can get to Mankato this coming weekend, the St. David’s Society will hold its Welsh Weekend of Song on September 30.

* From the Department of Bad Ideas: this hotel sign. Why is the weirdest news always from Southwest Wales?

* After cycling through some of the poorest villages in Asia, an Englishman had to return home in order to get his bike stolen.

* And let’s not act surprised…save for that anyone must verify this with research!

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