Bedlam Tuesday!

The great Celtic pirate ship known as Bedlam will dock at Merlins Rest for the night and provide some rollicking Irish and Scottish folk. It’s always one of our most spirited nights in the pub, and with the air dropping temp a bit today there’s another reason to gather: warmth!

Fill up the belly with a pie and a pint and fill up the soul with Bedlam and the audience. Great laughs to be had. Music starts about 9 pm.



 Single-Malt Scotch Tasting with Fiona! Come sample four or five of our best with one of our best. Flat fee ($25), good size pours, and great fun. Join us and share your tasting notes. See our stock on the menu page. MUSIC: Kathy Mosher will provide the music afterwards. She’s righteously skilled, so don’t miss it. Whisky and the Mosher Exstrand Experiment! TIME: 7:30 PM.


* Elbee – Thanks much for sending me the link to your Flickr page. Lily’s getting quite big and Baby #2 seems to be growing steadily too!

*DocLngHairHappy belated birthday! And I’m glad you enjoyed your weekend in the woods.

* And congratulations to Michael Hartford for having his piece “Among the Moabites” accepted at Cherry Bleeds!

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