Monday: Mic Check

So autumn has begun! And if the isn’t lying to me, then it’s going to feel that way tomorrow onward. No worries, though. Autumn is a fine time to gather. And tonight we’re doing it again.

It’s the Open Mic with Harrison Matthews! We’re getting for our usual Monday fun. The mic is yours. Poems, songs, stories, jokes, embarrassing anecdotes: it’s all here. If you’ve got something to share, please do. If you just want to listen in, you will be welcomed. So don’t let Monday hold you down! Join us as we have a bit of cultural fun.

The mic gets going about 8 PM. See you tonight!


* How much sleep are you getting per night? Make a case for seven hours!

* A vision just isn’t what it used to be. A group that formed after some women saw the Virgin Mary in a pine tree has been refused recognition by the Vatican.

* How to stop football hooliganism: Go nude. At least, that’s the Scottish solution.

* And though I’m slow on the draw with this one, hey: owls.

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