Saturday & Sunday: Hot and Brainy!

It’s the weekend! And autumn will officially begin. And we’ve got two regular events here at the pub to help transition between weeks and seasons.

Saturday: The Hot Club is in house! Come enjoy some of the finest jazz in the Cities as you grab a bite and a pint. It’s a beautiful part of a Saturday night. Music starts around 9 pm.

Sunday: The Sunday Pub Quiz with our barely literate, Welsh torture master John Dingley! He’ll cudgel you for 25 questions about geography, birds, current events, cartoons, and so forth. It’s a wonderful time. Quiz starts at 8 pm sharpish. AND: Bookending the quiz will be some jazz played elegantly by our friend Sam Fiske. Pop in, take part, and usher in autumn!


On October 4 at 7:30 PM, we’ll hold our next Single-Malt Scotch Tasting with Fiona. Come sample four or five of our best with one of our best. Flat fee ($25), good size pours, and great fun. Join us and share your tasting notes. See our stock on the menu page. MUSIC: Kathy Mosher will provide the music afterwards. She’s righteously skilled, so don’t miss it. Whisky and the Mosher Exstrand Experiment!

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