Friday: Kilts, Celts and the End of Summer

Sunday, September 23 marks the official end of summer, friends, and the beginning of autumn. So don’t let this weekend pass you by! Join us for a few pints and say “Slainte!” to the summer. It was a good one. And welcome in the autumn. It’ll be apple season. Warm dishes will be passed. And for those nippy evenings, the Guinness will keep you warm.


Friday night brings in the Celtic musicians and many of our kilt-wearing friends. If you own a kilt, hey: don it and join us! If not, no worries. You can discuss acquiring one with our man Billy Watkins (who has made many of them), or you can laugh at the paleness of our knees.

So pop in and celebrate the end of summer. Friday nights are brilliant here. We hope you’ll be a part of it too.


* A poor sot biked 170 miles to see his football club, Cambridge United, play Altrincham FC. (Now that’s a historic rivalry, eh!?) Alas, he arrived too late! The gates were locked.

* Guess who appeared to a large crowd at the fabled Apollo in London’s West End: none other than Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams. He’s promoting a new book.

* A museum of hotpants? Maybe not yet; but a Glasgow museum is exhibiting clothes from singer Kylie Minogue…including gold hotpants.

* And when a Nebraska state senator sued God, he didn’t exactly expect this response: God’s appeal to have the suit dismissed.

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