Tuesday: The Birds & the Beers…and Bedlam

What a daily double! Tonight brings a couple lovely events:

* The Birds and the Beers gets things going at 6 PM! Join us and some of our birding friends. If you’ve an interest at all in birding, then pop in and meet Sharon Stiteler (aka The Birdchick) and others. It’s free and informal.

* Around 9 PM, the boys of Bedlam will play their weekly gig, and that’s a beautiful thing. Great Irish and Scottish folk. Always a grand time.

So come see what’s left of Bill Watkins after last night’s Half-Way to Saint Patrick’s Day blow-out and enjoy a relaxed but lively Tuesday evening. We look forward to seeing you.


No, not Britney Spears. We’ve had quite enough of that. Nope, we’re talking about the famous recluse and poet Emily Dickinson. Our friend Michael H. maintains a website that offers a daily Dickinsonian dose. Check it out.

Hey, this remind me: Barnes & Noble used to put Dickinson on the cover of their yearly daybooks. How odd, considering she was apprehensive about leaving her house in later life.


* Anti-social behavior in a Cumbrian town is being squelched with the aid of foam footballs. (I wonder if Nerf billyclubs were considered too.)

* Jawohl! Being bilingual may keep the brain sharper longer. As Bill and Ted might say, “Ausgezeichnet.”

* Well, let’s not act surprised about this piece of news. C’mon, lads!

* Infamy of Idiocy: A man has died in China, apparently of exhaustion, after a three-day gaming binge.

* And famed animal expert Jack Hanna managed to get stuck in an airport turnstile…with a flamingo.

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