Monday: Meet Us Half-Way

Six months ago we had a glorious Saint Patrick’s Day! And it was the pub’s first day. Now, six month’s later, hey: we’re six months from another Saint Patrick’s Day! Why not celebrate?

Tonight’s revelry starts with traditional Irish dancing, then a short open mic with our friend (and yours) Harrison Matthews, and concludes with a blow-out evening of fun with The Tim Malloys and Neil Johnston. Wonderful stuff. So pop in and be part of this occasion.

See you tonight!


* One of England’s early concerns with the 2012 Olympics is, apparently, its hotels. The Games organizers want to shed the country’s Fawlty Towers image.

* Larry Craig’s infamous stall at our very own Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport has become a tourist attraction. Nose plugs not included.

* Freudian slip? A Labour aide in Wales has resigned after he called the Welsh language “brain dead.” I bet the Welsh have 98-letter word for him!

* And talk about inflation: the $100 laptop, so often touted as the next step in improving world parity in education, will now be priced at $188.

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