Sunday Pub Quiz & the Fiske Sandwich

The Sunday Pub Quiz will be held tonight at 8 pm, per usual. And for those of you who have been traveling about on late summer holidays, please know our traveling publican, John Dingley, is back from Wales. So once again we have our Welsh torture master delivering the questions. Twenty-five brainbusters, plenty of laughs, and a fine way to ease out of the weekend.

And our friend Sam Fiske will provide some jazz about 30 minutes before and after the quiz. It’s an elegant Fiske sandwich. Lovely.

We’ll see you here!


* Monday – Celebrate that we’ll be Half-way to St. Patrick’s Day with some traditional Irish dancing, a short open mic with Harrison Matthews, and then a blow-out evening of fun with The Tim Malloys and Neil Johnston. Fun starts at 7 PM.

* Tuesday – 6 PM – The Birds and the Beers! Join us and some of our birding friends. If you’ve an interest at all in birding, then pop in and meet Sharon Stiteler (aka The Birdchick) and others. It’s free and informal.

* Wednesday – It’s a busy night! At 7 PM the Druids Grove will hold their monthly gathering. If you’ve an interest in the spiritual path of Druidry, by all means stop up and meet this group. All are welcomed. About 8/8:30, we celebrate the midweek in style with The Old Molly’s Folk Jam. Our man Billy Watkins and friends will provide the weekly foot-tapping soundtrack for a spirited evening. Pairs well with a pie and a pint! Finally, September 19 is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Don’t be surprised what this brings. Enjoy it.


* I don’t recall anything about this from the old Village People “In the Navy” song.

* Watch what you say about the Cornish around this mum! And she may be coming soon to a living room near you.

* Love in Wales can be dangerous.

* And non-stick chewing gum? Yup.

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