Friday: Warm Up with Celtic Music

Oooo, it’s chilly out! No worries. This’ll be shorts and tank-top weather come March. (Man, that seems a ways off, doesn’t it?) And for those who think we take the winter off for kilt wearing, you’d be wrong. It may be cool out, but wool kilts are actually quite warm in winter.

So it’s Kilt Night! And we’ve got the Celtic musicians popping in. Friday nights are just gorgeous here. Please join us for the apple-cheeked laughter, the refreshing pints, the tasty pasties, and so much more.


We’ve got a large selection of single-malt scotches (as any decent Isles pub should), and every three or four weeks we hold single-malt tastings. The next will take place on October 4 at 7:30 pm. Participants sample four or five of our stock for a flat fee ($25). Our tastemaster Fiona leads the charge. And Kathy Mosher will provide the music afterwards. So it’s whisky and the Mosher Exstrand Experiment. Great night.

But, of course, you needn’t wait until October 4! Pop in and sample from our stock at your leisure.


These are busy days! And they’re going to be fun:

* Tonight at 7 PM we welcome not just the kilties and Celtic musicians but people affiliated with the Smoking Meetup Group…should they still be interested in sitting on the patio in this weather! (Smoking remains, of course, banned indoors with current city regulations.)

* Saturday & Sunday – The Doctor Who Meetup Group will be here at 4 pm. Later, The Hot Club brings its extraordinary jazz into the pub (circa 9 pm). On Sunday we’ve got the weekly pub quiz with our torture-meister John Dingley. Sunday also features jazz before and after the quiz; the elegant Sam Fiske provides those tunes.

* Monday – Celebrate being half-way to St. Patrick’s Day! Irish dancing, an open mic, and a blow-out performance from the Tim Malloys.

* TuesdayThe Birds & the Beers


* Older siblings stunt growth! I wish someone had told me this when I was a child. My brother is two years younger and six inches taller. Oy!

* The rumors of David Beckham becoming a Desperate Housewife are apparently premature.

* Your Irish joke could cost you your job. Ha!

* And I just want you to know we take our food prep seriously. I say this only because some of you may have seen this disastrous story from New York. Ewww.

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