Thursday: Dinosaur Blues & We’re Half-Way to St. Patrick’s!

Thursday! Right. We’re blue and green, hey? And the United Kingdom might be instituting the most remarkably low-budget crime prevention strategy ever: signs reading “Don’t Commit Crime.” But more on that later.

Tonight we’ve got some of the best blues in the Cities. Dino & the Dinosaurs will be in the pub. Join us for an outstanding evening of music, fun and good food. It’s almost the weekend, friends. Check your worries at the door and enjoy life.


Monday, September 17, is the half-way point to Saint Patrick’s Day!! Don’t miss out on this chance to celebrate. There’ll be Irish dancing, a short open mic, and a blow-out evening with the Tim Malloys! That’s right, Neil Johnston will join the crew to cry havoc and let slip the dog’s of good times.

Tell your friends, or if you haven’t got those then come make some.


What a day it was for the Isles!

The Scots defeated the French in football 1 – 0 in Paris. Well done, boys. They’re now atop their group in the Euro 2008 qualifying (and they’re ahead of World Cup holders Italy!). The English, down numerous starters, stomped upon Russia. And even Wales won! The Welsh went berserk to put up 5 goals against Slovakia.

The Irish, however, have left us shaking our heads. Ireland fell to the Czech Republic 0 – 1. And the Northern Irish accomplished a feat thought impossible: they lost to Iceland! C’mon, lads. I can sense the Faroe Islands gaining confidence….


* A Blackpool nightclub did little for its reputation when it let in a rather earthy visitor.

* A Doctor Who church service? It’s no joke, friends. Cymru!

* Italians might boycott pasta…but only for a day.

* How to stop crime in the UK: Put up signs that read “Don’t Commit Crime.” It’s being tried (the signs, but the crime too, I suppose).

* And finally, from the Department of GAH!!! comes the boy with the frubber face.

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