Wednesday: Bend It Like Miyama

Before we get to Wednesday’s pub event, the Scottish home referendum anniversary, or the woman who married nut butter (see “What We’re Reading Today”), let’s check in overseas.

Ladies First

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is taking place in China right now, and we’ve had a handful of really tense games. Yesterday, the English women fell down 0 – 1 to Japan before Kelly Smith struck twice to go up. But it wasn’t to be as three minutes into extra time, with only one kick left in the game, Japan’s Aya Miyama belted in her second 23-yard free kick of the match, tipping it over the wall and beyond reach of England’s keeper. (It’s fitting that in the photo to the left a Japanese player’s name captures the English women’s thought: “Oh no!”)

In other matches, the US women managed only a tie against North Korea, while my dear Swedes left with only a tie against Nigeria after leading for most of the match. Looks like no one wants to be favorites in this tournament!


Old Molly’s Folk Jam

And now for a different sort of lady. Old Molly. Indeed, the Old Molly’s Folk Jam with Wild Bill Watkins. It’s Wednesday and that brings the folk jam musicians into the pub. We’ve got years invested in this gathering, and it’s a grand one. Join Billy and friends as they liven up the joint with spirited tunes. Add your voice, raise your glass, make the midweek yours!

We’re having a blast. You should too.

Today in History

On 12 September 1997, a Scottish referendum started in motion the process for Home Rule. The result was the organizing of the first Scottish Parliament in 300 years. The vote became law in 1998 and the first Parliament met in 1999. In May 2007, the Scottish National Party (SNP) won more seats than the Labour Party for the first time in the new Scottish Parliament’s young life. While some hoped that pure independence could be precipitated by the European Union (EU) agreeing to fasttrack Scotland’s application under the United Kingdom’s current approval, it’s generally suggested that the EU would demand Scotland move to the back of the line and reapply. If this were the case, it would lack the sufficient economic support to enter smoothly. So Scotland remains in the UK but has firmly established its right to Home Rule.

What We’re Reading

* Things that surprise: the Palestinians know (and love) their beer

* A man has been banned from ALL UK PUBS for two years! I love that kind of verdict. I haven’t found a ruling this funny since Canada ordered some jerk not to have a girlfriend for three years.

* A Russia region is holding a sex day to encourage population growth. Yes, there will be prizes.

* And a woman in South Dakota has married nut butter. We’re not kidding about that.

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