Bedlam Tuesday, Group Gatherings, and More

The winds are up and there’s a bit of a chill this morning. No worries, though. This is a fantastic time of year. You get to mix cool pleasures, such as sitting outdoors, with warm pleasures, such as enjoying a pasty for dinner and relaxing with a nip of Bowmore.

So. It’s Tuesday and that brings Bedlam to the pub! Hey: we’re all better for it. Their Celtic folk music and lively banter make for a grand midweek evening. So pop in, have a pie and a pint, and enjoy the eve. Great tunes and people on these evenings. Cheers!

Spotted on

Outstanding. Three Merlins gatherings have cropped up on!

* The Smokers Meetup Group will meet at Merlins on Friday night, September 14 at 7 pm. Welcome! They’ll gather for the smoking portion of the evening on the outdoor patio, of course. Thanks to Klaus for organizing the event and Jeanne for saving the table.

* The Doctor Who Meetup Group will be at Merlins on Saturday, September 15 at 4:00 pm.

* The October 18 Single-Malt Scotch Tasting event at Merlins Rest has popped up on the list for the Twin Cities Night Life Meetup Group. Thank you, Tammy, for posting this one to the forum.

Those interested in joining these groups–or a host of other groups–can join easily through the MeetUp website. Also, if your interest group wants to meet at Merlins, please know we have large tables and would be happy to save a spot for you, be you a Latvian choir, a fish and chips forum, stamp collectors, and so forth. Give us a heads up if you’d like us to help promote a gathering.

What We’re Reading

* Ha! Pounds, miles and pints go on! The European Union has officially given up on trying to create a metric Britain.

* Twenty-two years in a Travelodge? That’s what one English couple has accomplished. They’re now getting a room named after them.

* Dingley, where are you!? Crimes against birds in Wales are way up (and I’m not intending a pun with that). C’mon, Wales. Knock it off.

* Huh. Even this title seems to go beyond the Lucas oeuvre. The title of the next Indiana Jones film has been announced: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

* The excuse file: (1) Yawning is a sign of social empathy; (2) Getting up early is bad for your heart; (3) Working out hurts your breasts (and we’re not limiting this to women, Watkins!)

* And it looks like Popeye ate spinach for his vision, not for his woefully skinny biceps. According to a study, he might also indulge in eggs to ward off some blindness.

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