Friday: Kilts & Reels

Friday night is always a gas here in the pub as we break out the kilts–wear your tartan, if you have one–and the Celtic musicians drop in and play spirited, traditional tunes. Loads of laughs and the perfect setting for unwinding from the week. And for those interested in getting a kilt, be it your family’s tartan, the Minnesota tartan, or just a standard open pattern, talk to our boy Wild Bill Watkins. He’ll be at the bar chatting away.

And while there’s no question as to whether you’ll hear him, if you see John Dingley, one of our publicans, please welcome him home from Wales!


* The Rugby World Cup gets under way in France today with New Zealand the favorite, France looking to pull off a home miracle win (as they did in the football World Cup in the 1990s), and England looking to repeat as champs. But if there’s anything to bet on, it’s that a guy named Jones will appear for Wales. (Ask John Dingley about Mark Jones! A personal connection there.)

* Bad career moves: a burglar in Hampshire broke into a policeman’s home, and when confronted by the copper used the excuse that he was cleaning windows.

* Gangs of Wales? An arcade in Wales demanded that a four year old take down the hood of her hoodie because of security reasons.

* Solving colony collapse disorder; and on the bee scene, check out the honey harvesting post (and photos) at the Birdchick blog.

* And the red-throated diver–that’s a type of bird–has found Scotland to be a wonderful home. Its numbers are declining across Europe, but it’s thriving in Scotland. Lovely. (Event Reminder: September 18 at 6 pm will be the Birds & Beers gathering here at Merlins Rest!)

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