Thor’s Day & Talking Like a Pirate

Those of you who have played the weekly pub quiz (Sundays at 8 pm), probably know that some of our days of the week have come to us via the Norse. Wednesday is Woden’s Day, Friday is Freya’s Day. Thursday is Thor’s Day. Huzzah!

Join us tonight for some exceptional music. The Mosher Exstrand Experiment will be in the house. They are two of the best musicians in Minneapolis and they are bringing you blues, folk and swing. It’s a great sound and begins about 8:30 pm. See you there!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Despite having inside knowledge of the old Ninjas vs. Pirates subcultural, I somehow managed never to learn of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s September 19 of every year (just like my papa’s birthday). So there I am, oblivious, when I receive a comment from one SueZ on Merlins’ Events page:

Any plans for International Talk Like a Pirate day on Sept 19th? We’re trying to find somewhere on Lake Street to celebrate.

Ahoy! That’s an interesting idea. And then our Minister of Culture Bill Watkins chimes in with this response:

To SueZ, arr we be. Us scurvy dogs will be a-singing sea-shanties and splicing the mainbrace. Rum an’ hard tack too. There be an open mike that very night and any buccaneer or free-booter is welcome to jump up an’ share a pirate rant, a crusty tale or a salty song. So close-haul yer sail an’ drop yer killicks down at Merlins and join the boarding-party. Aye-aye now.

Indeed. September 19 is a Wednesday. Though we usually have the Open Mic on Monday, perhaps we’ll take a break from the folk jam and hook up the mic? Or maybe Billy is switching things about on us? Dear pirates, we’ll get something worked out. Please join us for your pirate revels and your rants about rum, dodgy currents, and other fun. And if you like, get your practice in on September 18 at 6 pm when the Birds & the Beers group meets in the pub! Aye, methinks I sees a lark!


* First, raise a glass for Pavarotti who has passed away. He could be a rather difficult star to work with, but he’s helped keep the art of operatic singing in the public ear for quite some time. His ability to maintain an international star status has opened the door for many other singers to gain recognition, and that isn’t just younger singers. That includes Pavarotti’s contemporaries.

* A penguin crossing at a Devon zoo

* Do birds lower literacy rates? Librarians in Falkirk feel henpecked by pigeons

* A chief constable in North Wales has offered himself up to be tasered. Ha!

* And have any of you seen Rochester, Minnesota-born Bethanie Mattek on the women’s professional tennis circuit? She made a splash at Wimbledon for her soccer kit and just
made headlines at the US Open with a Wonder Woman-inspired outfit and a short-shorts leopard outfit that led the match judge to rule on whether the shorts were too revealing for play. (Stop snickering, Watkins!)

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