Bedlam Tuesday

Ah, the boys of Bedlam return for another Tuesday in the pub. Lovely. They’ll provide the Irish and Scottish folk (and some lively banter) starting about 9 pm. It’s always a grand time. And while you’re here, give the new cuts of fish a try with our fish & chips. We weren’t so up on the previous supply so found a better source and we’re much happier.

Vegetarians take note: We’re always looking for suggestions on vegetarian-friendly food items. If you’ve dishes to suggest, drop us an email or just mention it to us at the pub.


* Whoa. Jennifer Sutton, only 23, needed a heart transplant. She received it…but now gets to see her old heart on display. Weird tale.

* A year ago, Neil Boorman held a bonfire and burnt his brand clothing items. Since then, he’s tried to live brand-free. Checking in with the man.

* Huh. Welfare experts have rated a North Yorkshire beach the best beach donkey resort. Put that on the tourist brochure!

* The curious condition of gum blight on city streets

* And what’s it like to be a milk delivery man for 50 years? Wales’ Chris Frankland knows.

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