Labor Day

It’s Labor Day, friends. Meaning: relax. I know, I know. Some of you want to take care of those late season yard projects, or you’re stopping out at the Fair for its last day. Or you’re finally setting up that hammock. Whatever it is you do today, make sure you take a rest here at the Rest!

The patio’s open, the pasties are tasty, and the pints are cool.


TONIGHT: Open Mic – Our friend Harrison Matthews leads the weekly open mic. Join us and share a song, a poem, a short story, a monologue, what have you.

Tuesday: Bedlam – Irish and Scottish folk music. A popular night here and deservedly so. Music starts around 9 pm.

Wednesday: Old Molly’s Folk Jam – Wild Bill Watkins hosts this informal yet spirited gathering of musicians. Starts around 8 pm.


* Moira Cameron has become the first female beefeater in history. And that’s not a dietary position. It has to do with the Tower of London.

* A kiss is just a kiss? A New York State University study says so…at least for men. For women it’s another story.

* In South Africa, a couple men have been arrested for their pub crawl. In a stolen hearse. With a body in the back.

* And Rangers vs. Celtic in the buff?

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