Friday! Kilt Night and Celtic Music

It’s Friday and we’ve got men in kilts. And we’ve got Celtic musicians. And we’ve got a lot of fun to partake in. Lovely!

In the past 24 hours, the Vikings managed to win a game, all Hollywood starlets evaded arrest, and I heard only one person use the tired term “the perfect storm” in reference to a confluence of events. It’s time to celebrate.

So take this Labor Day weekend by the reins and enjoy it. You deserve it, friends. Come toast the days with us!

Today’s Readables

* Going to Beijing for the Olympics next year? Well, you’ll be disappointed not to find virgin chicken or burnt lion’s head on restaurant menus. The city is trying to clean up its English.

* Derbyshire’s hairy baby girl!!

* Australia makes a play for British emigrants–and they’re going in droves

* The Real Rosies are taking to the skies in WWII planes! Awesome. We owe a great deal to those women.

* Who would have thought that it would be Iowa here in the Midwest to open things?

* And somebody get me a MegaMillions ticket, will you!?

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