Thursday: Weekend Warmup & Best Wishes

I’m going to take this one in reverse order and start with the Best Wishes. Blissed out with my recent travels and oblivious to events here at home, I received a call yesterday and was informed that our good friend of the pub, one K.P., is recouping in a Saint Paul hospital after a rather sudden and worrisome event. But he’s on the mend, responding well, and, we think, already designing the political conspiracy that led to this situation.

Get well soon, K.P. We’re with you.

Weekend Warmup & Serenity

It’s Thursday and it’s a gem of a day, and as I write this Serenity is on the television. For fans of the series (Firefly) and post-series film (Serenity), consider checking in with Minnesota’s Firefly group.

Now, this is wonderful weather! In our part of the country, there are two seasons: light and grey. So while we’ve got light, let’s take advantage of it! Even at night when the light must come from within. Join us tonight to ease into the weekend. On the patio and in the pub, we’ll be reveling and feeling good

Look for music from Tom Bradley. He’s a gem.

See you tonight, friends!

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