Wednesday: We’re Jammin’

Wednesday breaks out the defib pads on the Old Molly’s Folk Jam…or is that on Bill Watkins, our serial chatterbox? Ah, no worries. It’s Wednesday and we’re jammin’! Come join us for the Folk Jam as we celebrate with a weekly gathering of musicians and a pub full of voices. Grand times. Music starts towards 8:30.

Question: How is it we missed the arrest of Idaho Senator Larry Craig at our airport back in June? How is it we’re just now getting this sordid tale? Eww. Makes me think I’ll hold it until I’m on the plane next time I’m at MSP!

Today’s Readables

* Soon enough we might very well climb walls like Spiderman

* Tracking North Yorkshire’s cows from space

* The “Dundee Leak” may have been solved (and it has nothing to do with our Scots realtor friend Eddie B___)

* And Road Runner has been stolen in Wales…though the Coyote was left behind. I wonder if an Acme truck was seen in the neighborhood.

Meep! Meep!


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