Schedule: August 19 – 27

So much traveling occurring! Our Welsh publican, John Dingley, is gallivanting back home in Builth, and our English publican Lee is here in Minneapolis, which for a man who travel 9 months per year is more like being on the road! Also, the pub blogger (ie, I) is traveling in Sweden, so no web updates until August 28. Here’s the schedule, though; and please pay special note to the single-malt scotch tasting with Fiona on the 23rd!

August 19 – Rattle My Bones Motorscooter Rally stops through about 2:30 pm; Cate’s Brain fundraiser at 4:00 pm with an Open Mic and Jazz Jam; and the Sunday Pub Quiz takes place at 8 pm with a guest host!

August 20 – 22 – Regular weekly events: Ceili dancing on Monday (7 pm) followed by an Open Mic with Harrison Matthews (about 8:30 pm); the boys of Bedlam play on Tuesday; and the Old Molly’s Folk Jam with Billy Watkins and friends takes place on Wednesday evening, usually beginning about 8:30 pm.

August 23Single Malt Scotch Tasting with Fiona! Come sample four to five of our best with one of our best. Share your tasting notes and pass along to me, if you like. We’d love to include your thoughts in the notes on our menu page! Music from Tom Bradley follows.

August 24 – Kilt Night with the Celtic players. The kilties arrive after 7 pm and the music starts towards 8:30 or so

August 25 – The Hot Club is in the house! Music starts around 9 pm

August 26 – Weekly Pub Quiz with a special guest host

August 27 – Ceili dancing (7 pm) and Open Mic with Harrison Matthews at around 8:30 pm


As always, please call the pub (+1 612 216 2419) for updates. And please be patient with the website for the next 8 days! I’m away and will not be able to update the site and will be sketchy on ability to check email.

By the way, thank you all for making this pub a success. Cheers!


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