Warm Up with the Rest

A bit of a mizzle has greeted us this Saturday morning, so set your sights on warming up with the Hot Club tonight at Merlins Rest! Good times and great tunes, even when the it’s dour outside. So treat yourself to a pie and a pint and all will be right in the world.


* Sunday, circa 2:30 pm – The Rattle My Bones Motorscooter Rally will be at the pub!

* Sunday, circa 4:00 pm – Cate’s Brain Fundraiser with an Open Mic and Jazz Jam

* Sunday, 8:00 pm – Weekly Pub Quiz (only this time with a guest host)

* Thursday, August 23, 7:30 pm – Single-Malt Tasting with our very own Fiona! Music from Tom Bradley follows.

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