Friday: Kilts and Celtic Tunes

It’s Friday and we’re feeling spirited, friends. As usual, we’re going to celebrate the arrival of the weekend with kilts and Celtic music. Join us tonight in the pub or on the patio! If you’ve got a kilt, wear it. If not, no worries. The pints will flow, the laughter will come easy, and the session players will provide the tunes.


* The compact disc has turned 25. And it was apparently almost called the “Mini Rack.”

* The German magazine Stern has published online an odd photo essay of Russian President Vladimir Putin on vacation. The photos include Putin posing in camouflage pants and no shirt.

* Wine from Hitler’s cellar goes for more than $2000. (Why are so many of these peculiar tales from Dorset?)

* Tourists are suspected of the graffiti vandalism at the historic Skara Brae site on the Isle of Orkney. One of them even wrote his own name on a rock. Officials are awaiting the suspects’ arrival at the island ferry, as they are booked to travel on it soon.

* And the village of Llandysilio, Pembrokeshire, Wales is set to become free of plastic bags.

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