So Close We Can Taste It!

So much going on here these days, but clearly the focal point is this weekend. Friday night is Kilt Night with the Celtic musicians. Saturday brings in the Hot Club. And Sunday delivers an earlier opening (1 pm) and three events:

(a) The Rattle My Bones Motorscooter Rally pulls in about 2:30

(b) The Cate’s Brain fundraiser gets going around 4 pm with an Open Mic and a Jazz Jam. Join us as we help send off a patron to Arizona for a bit of brain surgery.

(c) And the weekly Sunday Pub Quiz takes place at 8 pm with a guest host!

But before all that we find a Thursday. Let’s not waste it! The sky is clear this morning and the air is, actually, almost cool. It’s a reminder that we won’t have summer for much longer either on the calendar or in air temperature. Not at this latitude.

Last night was wonderful on the patio and I’m hoping will have the opportunity to sit out and enjoy it a bit tonight too. But even if we do sit out, it’s grand to know that just inside one can find Tom Bradley back to play for us another Thursday. He’s a wonderful singer/songwriter. Give him a listen, get yourself a pasty (ask your server about them as they aren’t yet on the printed menu), and enjoy a pint.

Viva Thursday!


The next Single Malt Scotch Tasting will be held August 23 at 7:30 pm. Our very own Fiona will host. Check out our stock on the Menu Page.


* The Shop-a-Squirrel hotline in Wales (LINK CORRECTED! Thanks for the spot, Aaron.)

* Stephen King, signing one of his own books, was mistaken for a vandal in an Australian bookstore

* Clever crows fancy a snack

* Beckham wasn’t just style, he was the show last night with a goal and an assist in a rare win for Los Angeles

* Foxy Brown wields a mean Blackberry

* And Gandhi locks lips with one of the Olsen twins

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