Johnny Flies, We Jam, and 6 Pub Updates

The Dingley has left the building! Yer man John Dingley–publican, unfettered tenor, and stone mason–is hopping a flight back to Wales today. So we’ve got a few weeks here without ol’ boy. No worries! When the cat’s away…

Tonight is the Old Molly’s Folk Jam! Join Bill Watkins and gang for the spirited tunes. Wednesdays are glorious nights here. We hope you’ll be part of it too.


1. The Menu Page has been updated. My apologies for letting the online menu lag behind the printed menu. New on the list: a steak sandwich, a pub side salad, the McGarrity roast lamb, and some updates to the beer, wine and whisky / wisgi / whiskey list.

2. We now have Cornish pasties! Not even those are on the printed menu yet. But if you’ve got a hankering, get your order in. They are snapped up quickly.

3. The next Single Malt Scotch Tasting will be held August 23 at 7:30 pm. Our very own Fiona will host. More info soon. Ah, but that reminds me: On the menu page, check out the whisky descriptions. Updated with the aid of our tasters. Lovely.

4. Reminder: The Rattle My Bones Motorscooter Rally is coming through the pub at 2:30 pm on Sunday! We’ll be open earlier than usual that day but may decide to make it a regular weekend afternoon item. Join us Sunday afternoon for the fanfare and fun.

5. Sunday, August 19, there will be a charity event in the pub beginning at 4:30 pm and running until about the Sunday Pub Quiz at 8 pm. More information about this charity event shortly.

6. While John Dingley is away, we’ll have a guest quiz host, one Keith P__, and a couple guest quiz writers. Undoubtedly, you’ll get a break from Latin taxonomy terms and bird trivia! But you may benefit from knowing something about anatomy and NASCAR. Perhaps.


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