Bedlam Tuesday and a Bone-Rattling Rally

John Sjogren has returned from his vision quest in Scotland and will rejoin the boys of Bedlam in the pub tonight to provide the sweet tunes. But the return of Captain Johnny should not overshadow our appreciation of Paul Score who did a wonderful job filling in the past couple weeks. (“Like hell it shouldn’t overshadow that rogue!,” cries Captain John.)

So pop in and catch up with the Scottish tales and all the Irish, Scottish and traditional folk music.


The Rattle My Bones Motorscooter Rally will conclude at Merlins Rest around 2:30 pm on Sunday, August 19. The weekend-long event will bring enthusiasts from all over the country and will feature more than a bit of fun. Come meet this interesting group on Sunday.


Wow. This is a rather uninteresting news days. I confess, I haven’t any interest in Karl Rove reviews, and that seems to be about all that is being talked about here, back in the Isles, and Elsewhere. But:

* What? A motorcyclist in Japan failed to notice that he’d severed a leg below the knee when he hit a safety barrier. He just kept riding.

* After getting injured in a fall from his horse, an Australian rancher climbed back onto the horse in hopes that it would lead him home. Fat chance. Instead, it led him deep into a crocodile-infested area. Ha! The poor bloke spent seven days up a tree before rescue arrived.

* Speaking of beasts in need of a GPS system, a cat in Wales strayed 130 miles from home

* Taking a dip in another’s hot tub is only one of Richard Hedin’s many poor choices

* The Department of Idiots reports that two men are caught on film debating whether or not to rob a convenience store

* And, could it work in America? Probably not. But an Italian mayor is offering cash for citizens who lose weight.

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