This Weekend We Say “Fair Game”

The Irish Fair has returned! Get out to Harriet Island for the music and dancing, the good smells, the fantastic people-watching, and the booths full of fine items. Then, pop on by Merlins Rest to escape the heat (or the showers, should they arrive), soak up some air conditioning (or dry off from the rains!), and wind down from the day with a pint, a bite to eat, and loads of laughs.

See you soon!

Interesting Reads

* It’s Guinness for Bond, not a martini…at least when Daniel Craig visits Wales

* * An ancient beer theory from Northern Ireland

* Big Ben has gone silent–and we aren’t talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers!

* And our friend Joy in Moscow passed along this link to an article on fonts–and how one man’s book makes the claim that the Cyrillic alphabet (which I think looks pretty cool) is inferior to the Latin alphabet. Good nerdy fun! Just don’t take a swing at Gaelic….

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