Kilts & Reels, Fish & Chips, You & I!

If you don’t know Louis Jordan’s old song “Beans and Cornbread,” get hip to it. It’s all about beans and cornbread getting in a fight but then realizing they go together really well. That resolution is great for cornbread, because until we reach that point in the song, beans is whoopin’ him!

“Beans and Cornbread had a fight / Beans knocked Cornbread out of sight …”

What else really goes together? Kilts and Celtic music. And it’s Friday and we’ve got it all. It’s Kilt Night and the Celtic players are invited up. The British style fish & chips (lip-smacking good with the vinegar and salt) will be getting happy in the kitchen. And you and I, or you and him/her, or you and them, or–you see what I’m saying. You hear what I’m looking at.

It’s Friday and it’s to be enjoyed. Sweet!


* John Cleese is either very bored or can’t read a script. It seems he’s agreed to be in the next Pink Panther film.

* Beware pensioners with garden sheers!

* On the Isle of Orkney, a new double pagoda roof is being constructed on the Highland Park distillery. I think that’s lovely–as is the whisky! If you’d like to sample Highland Park 12 Year, just ask for it at the bar. Other single malts are listed on our menu page.

* Sheep got loose in Scotland and some circus freak (seriously) lost a “Godzilla croc” in the Ukraine!

* And Greer, South Carolina’s giant muffin has been found. I repeat, it has been found…though it met a terrible end.

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