A Weird Thursday

Huh. A Ukrainian man has been named the tallest man in the world. But that isn’t what strikes me as strange; the Tall Persons Club of Great Britain and Ireland does. I’d no idea it was out there!

And being that I’m quite familiar with mustache clubs on the web–a bizarre fact since I’ve never grown a ‘stache, nor is there any evidence I can–I’m amazed I haven’t previously stumbled upon the Handlebar Club. See the Gallery pages! I like these cats.

Now, surfing aside, it’s Thursday and, please note, summer is not with us that much longer. The Fair is being set up. Final vacations are being taken. And our run of 90-degree days seem to be burning themselves out. Soon enough, we’ll be in the 80s, and then the 70s. You know the drill.

So take advantage of the sun while we have it. Join us on the patio at the pub and treat yourself to a pint and a bite to eat! Why wait until Friday for fish and chips? Crack into that weekend early.


My old friend Declan fronts the Irish band Scribble. Check out this “Another Day” video posted on YouTube. Well done, Declan! Nice jammies.


The Battle at Kruger. Lions and buffalos and crocodiles duking it out. The moment when the buffalos surround the lions and finally make a charge (about 5:45 into the 8:30 video) looks like a scene from Pamplona.


* Now why is it again the world has a poor view of the US? Even Jeff Foxworthy must be distancing himself from this one

* Pop quiz: How many fire crews does it take to rescue a duck in England? Three

* The infamous Lord Lucan may have been found! Or perhaps it’s just a raving derelict with a pet possum. If only Law & Order rips this tale from the headlines…

* For those of you who enjoy Antiques Road Show, one of Robert Burns’ hip flasks is up for sale

* A sexually suspect panda gives birth to twins

* And Lyme disease can only be blamed for the past year of President Bush’s behavior

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