In the Middle of Somewhere – Folk Jam!

How is it already Wednesday? I’ve still so much to do…but I’m not letting work overwhelm me. Life needs its breaks and today happens to be one of my favorites: the Old Molly’s Folk Jam!

Look for Billy, Chas, Roadie and others up here as they provide the foot-tapping music. It’s informal and fun–a great reminder that the week is not solely about the alarm clock, Tivo worship, and so forth. Take some time, relax with a pint, and enjoy an hour or two with us at the pub.

Music starts around 8.


If you are curious about memoirs of life in the Isles, our boy Bill Watkins has two of them: A Celtic Childhood and Scotland Is Not for the Squeamish. Copies are available for purchase at the bar.


* True story: a man smuggled a monkey onto a flight…in his pony tail (Hippie!)

* The terracotta army is coming! The terracotta army is coming!

* What’s with the Isles love of tours? We’ve previously passed along links pertaining to a man visiting every pub along a (long) stretch of Irish road and Scottish actors taking motorcycles from Scotland to South Africa. Now we find one Malcolm Watts looking to have a cup of tea in all 92 traditional British counties.

* And have you heard of freeganism?

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