Bedlam Tuesday!

Ah, the circle of life. Finnegan’s Wake, you might say. So here we are: Tuesday again and we’re back with Bedlam! Paul Score (of Paul and Lorraine) is filling in for one more week while John Sjogren continues his mad overseas quest. I believe was off to take on Banquo’s ghost in Scotland. Good luck to you, lad!

Please join us this evening for the good tunes and great times. Bedlam is a gem. And be sure to give the Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale a try!


* Brewers and publicans are being urged to make ale more appealing to women (Now how about ale drinkers!?)

* The London Zoo now has some tawny frogmouth chicks. Guh…

* Diabetes is on the rise in cats

* A Lincolnshire seaside town has demands a less ugly mascot

* And a $200 cell phone call…in search of customer service

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