Bananas Monday

No, Merlins Rest does not have some sort of banana beer (though I have consumed banana-clove beer and liked it) and we’re not serving bananas foster. But we have been awed by this story from India: force-feeding a thief bananas!

Tonight at Merlins: Ceili dancing and the weekly open mic. The traditional Irish dancing starts around 7 and the open mic takes over at 8 or 8:30. Not a performer? Belly up at the bar and tell the tales or have a rest and a pint on the patio and enjoy the evening. All are welcomed!


* GAH!! A woman suffered headaches and nosebleeds for 55 years. Finally, a pencil has been extracted from her head.

* An English farmer got lost in his own maize maze while mowing it. He’s now claimed he’ll make the maze easier “for his visitors.” Uh-huh.

* China has decided that “One more child means one more tomb” is a bit excessive as a slogan in its campaign to control population growth.

* The world’s worst lost and found (but by whom?)

* Jellyfish stung hundreds at a beach in Florida. But what I find most fascinating is that they treat the burn with vinegar. (I prefer vinegar on my fish and chips.)

* And police in Bangkok who commit transgressions such as showing up late or parking in the wrong place are being punished–by Hello Kitty.

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