Sunday Pub Quiz

The Sunday Pub Quiz will be held tonight at 8 pm! For some of you, it’s also known as John Dingley’s Intellectual (or is that Phonic?) Torture Session.

That good man is off to Wales for a fortnight soon, so pop on down to the pub and compete for the pot. He puts $40 in each week. So end the weekend with friends and a pint with a good ol’ drink & think!! Teams of up to four are allowed.


* For the Dingley Interest Department: Young ospreys in England are flapping their wings on their first flights. This is part of an effort to develop a self-sustaining osprey population in central England.

* Scottish actor Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, and those three recent Star Wars films) has completed a 15,000-mile motorcycle trek from Scotland to South Africa. Given the state of our airlines, he probably got there faster than he would have by plane!

* Oh, Wales. Good god.

* And we wouldn’t be trivia-timely (or just outright trivial) if we didn’t recognize this

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