Friday! Get Your Kilt On

Will this be the Friday that giant of a man, one Ian S____, dons his kilt? Most likely, no. But wouldn’t it be grand if he did?

Still, there will be kilts and Celtic music in the pub tonight. It’s Friday and we’re feeling in the mood for company. We could all use a little escape and a few laughs right now. Please join us for the good times. Tell the tales!


* Raise a pint if you will this evening in memory of Irish singer Tommy Makem. He passed away on Thursday at age 74. Many in the US know Makem from his many performances with the Clancy Brothers.

* Dingley’s Choice: Our ornithologist publican, John Dingley, would love this one! Birdwatchers are “flocking” Manchester’s Chinatown to catch sight of a rare warbler. (Dingley warbles sometimes, don’t he?)

* Speaking of Manchester, the Red Devils have recruited a 9 year old. Seems Manchester United are taking a page from the tobacco industry and hookin’ ’em when they’re young.

* Great Story: Today’s feel-good moment, I suppose. A man who hasn’t seen his three older sisters since WWII, during which they were split up, has been reunited with them following a chance encounter on a cruise ship.

* And from the Department of Milking It comes this story: Queen guitarist Brian May has finally turned in his astronomy PhD work–more than 30 years late. C’mon, man!



Hey there, Johnny Dingley. We’re starting to receive cryptic notes from friends overseas. So you and maybe Jordan really are traveling back to Builth Wells, are you? Just promise me you won’t stumble upon a new (or old) life over there! We need you back here.

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