Bedlam Tuesday! And with a Special Guest

Ha-ha. It’s here: Bedlam Tuesday! The boys (and sometimes girls) of Bedlam will be in the pub as will what one might call their entourage–though these kids are far less peculiar than, say, Prince’s entourage.

This reminds me: Once upon a time I visited Prince’s Paisley Park studios. A couple swag tents had been set up, and there was a register there for purchasing tickets to tour the studio. I found myself abruptly being chastised by a woman wrapped in grey gauze. She was some sort of mummy figure. She was apparently part of Prince’s entourage and I had, in my lack of attention, cut in front of her. (In my defense, she’d strayed from line to discuss other matters with a woman dressed as a pantsless captain of a sailing vessel.) The mummy didn’t even buy a ticket. She just wanted to speak to the woman working the register. And she needed no introduction. Everyone knew the mummy.

But Bedlam: hey. They provide some wonderful music. If you haven’t caught their show yet, please check ’em out. It’s one of our most popular nights and for a reason. Good tunes, good times, and great people in the pub on Tuesday. Join us!

Special Guest tonight: Paul Score (of Paul and Lorraine) will be at the mic and taking lead, according to the Bedlam Blast e-newsletter from Jalov and Fabulous Records. Good on ye, Paul!


* George the Octopus was cranky and wasn’t eating right. Turns out this captive octopus was pregnant–and in need of a new name.

* If smokers are to be 25 feet or something like that from a building, what about the office printer?

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