Ready for the Week & Oddities

It was rough getting out of bed today, I have to confess. But now that I’m up and moving, well, it isn’t so bad, really.

So here it is: Monday! Monday brings two things:

1. Ceili dancing with Paul McCluskey and friends! Come learn about this traditional Irish dance around 7 pm.

2. Writer Harrison Matthews and others into the pub for an open mic, circa 8:00/8:30 pm. Get the creative juices flowing early in the week so as not to let the daily humdrum keep you down. Poets, fiction writers, tellers of tales, singers, guitarists and many more join in. We hope you do too!


* Tuesday – Bedlam performs! 9 pm

* Wednesday – the Old Molly’s Folk Jam, circa 8:00 pm

* Thursday – Single-Malt Scotch Tasting, 7:30 pm

* Friday – Kilt Night and the Celtic session players


In the news we find:

* Biblical action figures

* England’s first whisky distillery in 100 years is opening…though no whisky will be sold until it has aged properly (Meaning: Christmas 2009)

* From the department of Even If We Did Meet on a Train 17 Years Ago – So What? comes this story

* And a Welsh black comeday: a mountain top marriage proposal goes wrong when the bride takes a tumble (She’s okay now, hey)

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