Kilts and Reels!

Not that it should surprise me, but I woke today feeling really good. Blue skies, a nice breeze. And it’s Friday!!

Tonight we’ll have the weekly Kilt Night and the Celtic session players will be in the pub too. Join us, tell the tales, have a bite and a pint and take advantage of the summer. It doesn’t last all too long here, so let’s enjoy it.


* Inflatable sheep have replaced children as jockeys in a Welsh town’s annual donkey derby.

* More kitty press: yesterday we were all talking about the death-sensing (or is that death-causing?) cat at a nursing home–coincidence that this news came from Providence?–and today we might give some props to the New Jersey cat that chased a terrified black bear up a tree. The cat’s owner came to the bear’s aid, it seems.

* A mummy has been found in Egypt with what’s believed to be the world’s oldest prosthetic. And it’s a big toe.

* And the Scottish have finally turned it around! For the first time in a decade the Scots are reporting more births than deaths. Good on ye!

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