Stay Cool with the Folk Jam

It’s Wednesday, it’s hot, the AC is on, and so is the folk jam! Each Wednesday finds the Old Molly’s Folk Jam taking place in the pub. The informal gathering of musicians provides a wonderful excuse to sit in, tap your foot, and enjoy a pint. Music starts close to 8:00.

On the Horizon

Thursday, August 2, 7:30 pm – Single-Malt Scotch Tasting. $25, four or five samples with our hosts Jordan, Fiona and Bill.

Interesting Stories

* Norway’s Princess Martha Louise claims to be psychic and to talk to angels. And she’ll teach you how to as well.

* A prize poodle in Wales seems to have had its ID stolen online.

* And a heap of penal records have been made available online, shedding light on the convictions of many late 18th century UK residents who were banished to penal colonies in Australia.

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